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The Club (GASMTC) came into being in 2013 to merge two established tennis clubs in Stonnington: Glendearg Malvern & All Saints East Malvern. 

It is a community run tennis club actively providing tennis based activities and social functions to the whole family which covers the 60+ generation, individuals, parents and children.

The club inaugural committee was made up of volunteers from a range of ages and backgrounds and included the driving force: 
  • John Richards (from Glendearg Malvern) as President, 
  • Victor Eke ("Total Tennis") as inaugural coach, 
  • Len Pratt & Alan Bristow (from All Saints East Malvern)

The combination of community and commercial entities gives GASMTC the ability to deliver an effective professional service to the community.
GASMTC is working with the City of Stonnington to provide a wide variety of tennis opportunities and activities that will see a range of ages, sexes and standards interact in an inclusive, friendly environment.