Financial Members will be aware from emails circulated that tennis is permitted to be played at the GASMTC subject to strict adherence to Committee & Tennis Victoria guidelines and advice included in those emails.

GASMTC Advice to Members re other COVID-19 restrictions for play (see below with link to Court Bookings)

 You must read those materials carefully as they form the basis of the playing conditions to which all Members are required to accept and adhere to before being permitted to play at the GASMTC.

We, once again, demand all Members appreciate the importance of adhering to these conditions by complying fully with the TV Guidelines for the safety of everyone in these continuing extraordinary times.

Access to the courts is, once again, limited to Members only (guests are not permitted) who:

#    have not been out of the country for the past 14 days;

#    are not in self-isolation and are not required to do so;

#    are not displaying COVID-19 or flu-like symptoms;

#    must keep 1.5 metres away from other people;

#    must leave the courts once play has ended;

#    must adhere to the above Guidelines.

If you have any questions concerning the above matters, please don’t hesitate to call Committeeman John Richards on 0409 011 314.

The Club hopes that you all remain COVID- safe and well in the coming weeks and beyond.

And, most of all, enjoy your return to tennis!


COVID-19 Rules for all GASMTC Members

Access to the Club is limited to Financial Club Members only and it is imperative that all players adhere to social distancing, plus wear masks if you are moving about the Club premises.

Members guests are not permitted at this stage.

Court access will be limited to members only who –

·         have not been out of the country for the past 14 days

·         are not in self-isolation and not required to do so

·         are not displaying COVID-19 symptoms or flu-like symptoms

Court Booking System for ALL member court usage –

Members can only access the courts by using the Online Booking System which is now in place, via the link http://gasmtc.tennisbcs.com.au  

Currently, under the new guidelines, the maximum booking allowed is for 5 players (all must be members) for one court for one hour per day. If five players, it is preferable that the fifth person at any given time remain in a car in the parking area. When moving about on the club premises, players must maintain social distancing of 1.5 metres.

Players Names – It is now a requirement that the names of players must be entered when making the booking. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of the booking.

As part of the COVID Safe rules it is mandatory that adults will have downloaded the Covid-19 App and have it switched on

There are to be no spectators permitted at the courts – players only. At any point in time there should only be the current players inside the Club perimeter. Please do not arrive prior to your booking time or extend your stay. Parents/care givers who bring their children along to lessons are encouraged to stay in eye-line of the children but stay outside the Club perimeter (north or south car park).

Members must leave the Club immediately after their playing time has concluded.

Specific Guidelines for Play

1.     NO ACCESS to the Clubhouse.  The verandah toilet will be accessible and should only be used in an emergency. Access to the courts and verandah will only be possible using the pin pad code shown in your email. The swipe cards have been decommissioned until such time as the clubhouse is allowed to open.

2.     The Club STRONGLY recommends NOT to use the Club toilet.  If you must use the toilet, hands must be thoroughly washed with soap and water provided and taps must be sprayed with Club supplied disinfectant and wiped after use.  All children must be accompanied by an adult if using the toilet.

3.     All players must disinfect hands before and after play. Players are required to bring their own hand sanitiser and wipes. Hand sanitiser must be used prior to touching the pin pad on the entry gate, nets and net winders and court baggers.

4.     While the Club Coach is in attendance, both gates will be ajar to allow them to be opened without using hands. The door to the veranda will also be open.

5.     Players must provide their own tennis equipment, balls and drink bottles. Avoid touching other people’s equipment – tennis racquets, bags and tennis balls. No sharing of equipment. 

6.     Social distancing must be exercised - all players at all times to be 1.5 metres apart.

 Where possible, use racquet / foot to pick up balls and hit them to your opponent

If a ball from the other court comes across, send it back by racquet or a kick.

7.     The Club Coach, Jonny, will ensure that players follow the guidelines during lessons and will also keep an eye on other courts, as will Committee members from time to time.

8.     Please avoid touching your own face at the courts and don’t shake hands after your hit. Touching racquets is the token “handshake”.

9.     Any member/s flouting the rules, putting themselves and others at risk and bringing your Club into disrepute will face the real possibility of suspension or even disqualification.

10.  All players to acknowledge and agree that there can be no guarantee that playing tennis at GASMTC will not result in their contracting or, possibly contracting, Coronavirus.

As a general rule, anything you touch must be wiped down using your own wipes and sanitiser. It is essential that you bring a mindset to the courts to social distance and adopt the hygiene guidelines. If this is not done, then your Club will be at serious risk of being shut down and even losing our management contract with the Council.


Any member who experiences post-play flu, cold or cough-like symptoms or is tested  for COVID-19 or tests positive to COVID-19 must contact the Club immediately by email gasmtc@bigpond.com.


 By order of the GASMTC COMMITTEE